can you get rid of ringworm permanently at home remedies

 Fungal infection is one such skin disease that troubled the people a lot. By the way, the most common ringworm is caused by fungi and this is mostly called fungal infection. In its other name, we also call it fungal infection or fungal infection. Fungi are always present with us and are also found normally inside our body and when it becomes more in our body then it sometimes- sometimes cause fungal infection

 Hopefully by now you must have understood the meaning of fungal infection well and now let us tell you about ringworm which is also called fungal infection.

 fungal infection

Fungal infection can occur on any part of the body and can affect any part of the body

 Fungal infection is not a major disease, but when this disease is not taken seriously and it is not treated properly, then it assumes a terrible fungal infection i.e. fungal infection in the form of ringworm. Affects different different parts of the body It is called by different names due to it being on different parts of the body

types of fungal infection in hindi

athlete's foot

  When a fungal infection occurs between the toes of a person, this type of fungal infection is called athlete's foot or tinea pedis, people who wear shoes most of the day and or spend most of their time in water. The problem of athlete's foot is seen more in people or people who keep walking with more open feet.

And also people who do most of the running work and that's why it's called athlete's foot

jock itch

The problem of this type of ringworm is mostly in the middle of the thighs, that is, it is called a fungal infection in the private part. This type of ringworm occurs due to sweating, some people wear clothes in a hurry after bathing without drying the body properly and due to this moisture remains in the body due to which wet clothes get fungus and it is a fungal cause infection

 Onychomycosis or fungal infection of nails

Fungal infections also affect the nails and when there is a fungal infection in the nails, then even more

A different name is given is called onychomycosis and this type of fungal infection is mostly seen in many people. This type of fungal infection is from Tychophyton, fungus species.

tinea capitis

When a person has a fungal infection in the head, then this type of fungal infection is called tinea capitis.

So these were the types of fungal infections which are known by different names but they are all ringworm.

What are the symptoms of fungal infection

The biggest symptom of fungal infection is that it looks like a round shape and there is also redness in it. That is, if a person has a fungal infection and it is itchy, then we can call it fungal infection. It progresses in the form itself and that is why it is also called ringworm and if a person has severe itching on the body and that skin disease does not progress in a circular form, then it may not be a fungal infection, in such a situation it is eczema or Psoriasis can be a disease

Fungal infection treatment

What is the treatment of fungal infection and how to treat it, its treatment depends on the person, it is treated in two ways, one person should treat it himself and the other should be treated by a doctor. Knows about it and avoids it well and uses some cream then can cure fungal infection by himself but if he doesn't know anything about it and he doesn't have any knowledge about it then he can go to doctor If you can treat it with advice then it is the individual's own understanding as to how he/she wants to treat it.

If someone wants to treat himself, then you get some creams for him in the market, if you use them, then fungal infection can be cured. If you want to do it, use it only for a short time.

 Home remedies for fungal infection

Fungal infection should be treated on its own, for this, keep a coconut oil at home and keep applying it on fungal infection three to four times a day, it will not cause itching in fungal infection and fungal infection will also be cured, this is the best effective There are home remedies but with this

If the disease is not cured then some cream should also be used.

Homeopathic treatment of fungal infection

Homeopathic treatment for fungal infection You will find dozens of medicines in homeopathy which will cure fungal infection but do not use all of you, you can take a good medicine which will work well in fungal infection, which is the best medicine for this Here comes tellurium.


tellurium You have to take 30 strength and take 4 to 5 drops of this medicine in half cup of water in morning, evening, afternoon and take it empty stomach before meal and you have to take medicine for about 2 to 3 weeks.

This will end your fungal infection

English treatment for fungal infection

English treatment of fungal infection is necessary because if homeopathic medicines and home remedies do not work then the condition is treated. You can use Ringguard cream, it completely clears up your fungal infection in 5 to 7 days Ringguard cream is an anti bacterial anti fungal cream which cure itchy skin and fungal infections.

Itraconazole is an antifungal drug that is mainly used in the treatment of fungal infections, how to use this medicine and its benefits and precautions

 Benefits of itraconazole in fungal infections

Itraconazole is used by people in fungal infections because it is not available in the cream room. If there are small spots on the place or ringworm occurs in such a place where no cream is used, then Itraconazole medicine is used in such a situation like if a person has a problem of fungal infection in the mouth. Or if a female has a problem of fungal infection in the vagina, then in this situation the cream is not used again and again because the cream is not able to last in these places and the cream cannot be used here to cure fungal infection. Doing kareem becomes a difficult thing and to deal with it, food is used Itraconazole is a drug drug that can function in nails. cures infection

How itraconazole works

Itraconazole acts on the cell wall of fungi If you would know that the cell wall of fungi is made up of the complex chitin which is made up of complex sugars. When a person takes itraconazole, it goes into his body and starts destroying the cell wall. It prevents the formation of ergestrol, the main component of the cell wall, due to which the cell wall of the fungus begins to weaken and it is unable to deposit the necessary mineral salts, due to which holes are started in it and due to this, its All the nutrients come out from inside and gradually the fungus dies and the ringworm also gets destroyed.

use of itraconazole

You will get itraconazole tablet in 200mg and 100mg from the medical store, this medicine has to be taken for 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes you have to take this medicine even for a month. You can get more information about this from your nearest doctor and use it as per the instructions given by him.

side effects of itraconazole

There is a question in the mind of some people whether there can be any side effects on using itraconazole is not it is a safe and good medicine and it usually does not have any side effects but people are of different nature in nature and Their body's reaction to a substance may be different and that is why some people sometimes get side effects from a drug but this is very rare and most of the people it is considered to be absolutely safe medicine and That's why it is used so much

There are some common side effects like



 falling asleep

 panic button

 These are some of the common side effects that you may experience while using that medicine.

alternative to itraconazole

Now we will talk about the alternative of itraconazole, its best alternative is candiforce 200mg and candiforce100mg. Because itraconazole is also used in this and also in Candiforce. So you can use any of these.

Use of clobetasol propionate cream.

Do you know that currently the most used cream in India which claims to cure herpes scabies itch, which is used the most, clobetasol propionate which is a stride medicine

This cream is used so much in India that you can easily get it in any medical store, today we will tell you some such facts of Clobetasol Propinate that you probably do not know and if you know a medicine then you will be very benefited.

Use of Clobetasol Propionate Cream

the gain


Side effects

Benefits of Clobetasol Propinate Cream

Clobetasol propionate is a strong steroid cream used with 0.05%. This medicine mostly comes in the form of a cream and it is used mostly in ear's room. This drug is used in the problems of eczema be psoriasis and also in other such entities

How to use Clobetasol Propionate Cream

Clobetasol Propinate is very easy to use daily, you can buy it from any medical store or if your doctor recommends you to use the cream, then use it on the area where you have trouble and apply this cream on the affected area. put bar

side effects of clobetasol propionate

Clobetasol propinate cream has side effects too Which makes the skin weak and has side effects

So far we have talked about Clobetasol Propionate which you will get to read in any post.

Now we will tell you those things that you must know Clobetasol propionate is such a strong stride that stops the chemical produced in the body. Due to which the patient gets relief very quickly. But it does not kill any micro-organism like fungus, bacteria, virus, so it does not cure any disease. It only inhibits the production of prostaglandins, and some anti-histamines produced in the body, which cause pain and itching. Therefore, patients are deceived. Because when the movement in the body stops, they feel as if the disease has been cured, but after some time it starts happening again.

Because the disease was not cured, it was stopped for some time. This medicine was more used at the time when people started getting fungal infections. At that time people used it a lot. Due to which the fungus would be cured for some time and after a few days it would start growing again. The medicine started becoming ineffective and it took months to years for the disease to be cured.

Clobetasol Propionate Cream

Clobetasol propionate is used in combination i.e. there are many creams in which clobetasol propionate has been used as a mixture. This cream is antibacterial, antifungal and is used in this form. Creams that contain Clobetasol Propinate as a Combination


Dermikem OC Cream

Dermiford Cream

Castor-nf Cream

Terbiket GM

ways to prevent ringworm

 To avoid ringworm, you have to take care of some things so that you can be cured from the problem of my tehsil.

Wear as much cotton as possible relying on clothing that does most of the waste from your body

Use some antifungal powder, it will not cause ringworm and apart from this it will not be itchy

Wear dry clothes as much as possible and wear wet clothes Machine picture and press once before wearing clothes